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The Club has signed up to the Wiggle affiliate programme. When somebody follows the Wiggle links that are now on our website and that ends up in a purchase at Wiggle the Club earns commission on that resulting sale.

When someone clicks the links and makes an order, we could get 2% commission on bikes and 4% commission for everything else. For example, when someone makes an order with £100 value, the Club will get £4 revenue share!

So we encourage our members who are purchasing from Wiggle to go to Wiggle via the links on the Club website rather than going directly to Wiggle. This way the Club will benefit from your purchase. It has no impact on your purchase from Wiggle, but it is a great and simple way to support the club!!

It’s not just restricted to members making purchases, anybody who follows the link from our website that results in a purchase will earn the club commission!!

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