Coalville Wheelers Cycling Club


Wednesday Night Results 3-May-2017



Run on A10/33 course due to roadworks on A10/34


MUSK Engineering Series

3rd May 2017 - CWCC Members
Chris Sidney00:24:0920
Rob Stephenson00:24:3519
Mark Brighty00:25:4818
Tom Hill00:25:5417
Chris Garner00:26:0216
Steve Heggs00:26:1415
Gary Mason00:27:0914
John Shelton-Smith00:28:2113
Mark Morgan00:28:4712
Nev Bray00:29:1411
Steve Robinson00:30:0310
Rowan Brown00:31:479
David Parker00:33:458
Trish McPherson00:31:5320
Ruth Shaw00:32:0719
Dawn Hayman00:33:4718
Bev Morgan00:36:1417
Matthew Stretton00:27:1720
Fran Cole00:32:5919
Millie Shaw00:33:3518
Paige Symonds00:40:3317


County Drains Handicap Series

3rd May 2017 - CWCC Members
Steve Robinson105
Chris Sidney102
Mark Brighty97
Rob Stephenson90
David Parker88
Chris Garner84
Rowan Brown83
Ian Shaw64
John Shelton-Smith61
Steve Faulkner61
Tom Hill54
Bob Owen53
Chris Pike49
Mark Morgan41
Gary Mason38
Steve Heggs37
Nev Bray34
Lee Nowak30
Richard Stretton22
Andy Leach20
Paul Harris19
Andy Skinner18
Steve Baggot15
Tony Pickance13
Colin Howson6
John Quimby5
Jason Feltus4
Andy Reed0
Ashley Long0
Lee Pinder0
Mark Exon0
Merv Sperry0
Rob McClumpha0
Ruth Shaw131
Trish McPherson110
Dawn Hayman107
Bev Morgan94
Pamela Moore75
Di Parperis0
Matthew Stretton137
U16 GirlsTOTAL
Millie Shaw117
Paige Symonds56
Fran Cole20


RaceHub Series

3rd May 2017 - 2nd Claim and Guest Riders
Leon WrightRacehub00:23:1020
Scott WalkerTeam Bottrill00:23:3919
Mick SmithLa Squadra Pendente00:23:4518
Carl ShawRacehub00:24:0117
Adam ClarkeTeam Bottrill00:25:1216
Tony HaymanHCRC00:27:4815
Laura WalkerTeam Bottrill00:28:3620
Rosie LindsayLough. Students00:30:0719


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    Family Fun Day. Thank you to everyone who attended and made our first try out of the new cycle circuit good fun. Parents - please PM me if you'd like any individual photos of your child. Not included here for privacy reasons. ... See MoreSee Less

    Family Fun Day. Thank you to everyone who attended and made our first try out of the new cycle circu...

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    Opportunities for young people and adults in Coalville area. Can you spare an hour on a Thursday eve... ... See MoreSee Less

    Just a selection of some of the images from today at Picnic in the Park! A massive thank you to all ...

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    Thank you so much for adding me to this group. The reason I asked to join was my Dad used to do time trials for your club back in the 1970's & I wondered if anyone knew/remembered him.
    I've posted a photo below.
    His name was Stephen (known as Steve) Wellings. Sadly my Dad died in 1985 when we were living abroad in Mauritius, but was curious to see if anyone knew him.
    Hope you don't mind this post!
    Thank you.
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    For those who are attending this event, thank you, directions from A50 roundabout at Glenfield hospital, turn right and then left at traffic lights for Aikman Avenue (fire station on the corner) and first right onto St Oswald Rd. Car park to circuit is on the left side.
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    Interesting email received by the club seeking volunteers. Anyone (first and second claim members only) seriously interested, please comment below.

    Dear Coalville Wheelers,

    My name is Kurt Bergin-Taylor and I am currently undertaking a PhD investigating strategies to optimise cycling performance, whilst also
    working part-time as a performance nutritionist at Loughborough University. I am recruiting participants for my current investigation
    and would like to propose a potential partnership opportunity to the club and its members.

    My current investigation involves the use of non-invasive measurements to understand the recovery practices of experienced cyclists. We would like to collect data for a 24h period around a scheduled long club ride, with all measurements being taken in a location convenient for the club. It would be great if we can organise a meeting where I can pitch this opportunity to your members. In return, I would provide a sports nutrition workshop to the club free of charge (Usually £250) after the data collection. For any individuals who wish to be
    participants, they will also receive:

    • Body composition assessment with an ISAK qualified practitioner (Usually £50)
    • Individualised data and tailored advice on how to best optimise recovery, adaptation and subsequent cycling performance (In excess of

    Should this partnership be of interest, it would be great to arrange a schedule of content and support to help your members achieve their
    full potential.

    I would be keen to discuss this, so if you’re interested please let me know how best to contact you.
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