Coalville Wheelers Cycling Club


Wednesday Night Results 12-Apr-2017


MUSK Engineeering Series

12th April 2017 - CWCC Members
Chris Sidney0:16:4020
Rob Stephenson0:16:5719
Steve Heggs0:17:3518
Chris Garner0:17:4717
Mark Brighty0:17:5416
Ashley Long0:19:0315
Gary Mason0:19:2714
Lee Pinder0:19:3013
Ian Shaw0:19:3012
Mark Morgan0:19:4911
Andy Reed0:20:1810
Steve Robinson0:20:389
Nev Bray0:21:148
Lee Nowak0:21:487
Rowan Brown0:22:416
John Shelton-Smith0:23:295
Bob Owen0:24:344
Di Parperis0:21:1920
Ruth Shaw0:21:4819
Pamela Moore0:22:1818
Dawn Hayman0:23:1517
Bev Morgan0:25:2916
Millie Shaw0:23:1420


RaceHub Series

12th April 2017 - 2nd Claim and Guest Riders
Gareth PymmTeam Bottrill0:16:0920
Mick SmithLa Squadra Pendente0:16:2819
Scott WalkerTeam Bottrill0:16:3718
Brad SymondsTeam PB0:17:1317
Ian KingLong Eaton0:17:2216
Mark FairgrieveMelton Olympic0:18:5815
Tony HaymanHCRC0:19:1814
Laura WalkerTeam Bottrill0:20:2413
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    Dear Members,

    Your HELP is required to make an event a success!

    After the success of last years event the club will be running a Cyclo-Cross once again this year. This year the event will be run on New Years Eve which falls on a Sunday. This means you can still go out to celebrate the New Year without fear of having to get up early on New Years day to wander round a cyclo-cross. As last year the event is being held at Cattows Farm, nr Heather. We’ve switched the car park field though to prevent a re-occurrence of the issues with the entrance we had last year.

    The club has subscribed to the newly formed Leicestershire CX League, so our event will be a counting event towards this league. There are 8 races throughout the day and for those who have not experienced Cyclo-Cross before it is a very exciting form of racing, requiring a mixture of speed, stamina and bike handling skills and is run on a compact mixed terrain course of between 1.5 – 2 miles. So unlike a road race you can see the riders for the majority of the course and they typically lap in 6-8 minutes.

    To make this event a success we will need a great deal of helpers, not only on the day, but also before and after the event. Cyclo-cross events attract a lot of U16’s so it could be a good advert for the club to draw in younger members.

    The type of helpers that will be required, are:

    – Lap scorers – whilst we will have electronic lap scoring we still have to do it manually, just in case
    – Course Marshals
    – Start/Finish Marshals
    – Pit Area Marshals
    – Car park Marshals
    – Signing On Tent
    – People to help setting the course out and dismantling at the end of the day.

    Unlike last year this year this will include putting up 3-4 gazebo’s. We have got access to some free one’s this year through the league and the BC so this saves us quite a bit of money. But we will have to put them up and take them down on the day, or day before.

    The plan is to set the course out on the run up to New Years Eve, but we will need to check it again on the morning of the event and possibly adjust once it’s been inspected by the commissar.

    The first race starts at 10:15 and riders for this will be there from 08:30. The last event finishes at around 15:15. So it will be a full day, particularly for those setting out the course and dismantling in the dark afterwards. Talking with other organisers, course setters/dismantlers expect to be at the course from 6:30 in the morning until gone 6 in the evening.

    As last year I have organised an outside catering van (read burger) at no cost to the club.

    One final point – the event will take place regardless of the weather; it is cyclo-cross and winter after all! 🙂

    Please get in touch with Neil Taylor if you can help on the day along with what capacity you can help in.
    You can ride on the day and still help!!

    Can’t promise the weather will be as good as last years event though…………...

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    Peter Lavine shared Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching's live video to the group: Coalville Wheelers Cycling Club. ... See MoreSee Less

    Facebook live. Matt Bottrill performance Coaching. Les stables training Camp. April 25th - 2nd May ...

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    It's that time of year again. Is anyone interested in annual pubrun ? I am going to try and book the queen's head in heather for the last stop. The ride is usually around 35 miles and a buffet in Queens Head. Cost is around £5 ?? I will try and book the 24th December. Fancy dress is more than welcome 😀🎅🎅🤶 ... See MoreSee Less

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    B.Leys CX Race Nov 2017 Michael Townend Pain Face more great shots by Mick Brown ... See MoreSee Less

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