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Press Report 1st September 2014

The penultimate race in the Coalville Wheelers Wednesday evening series was a 4.6 miles time trial in which the first mile was also timed with points awarded to both races. This was the last event in which points could be gained towards the competition. Gareth Pymm was the fastest Wheeler over the 4.6 miles with a time of 9.27 with Rob Stephenson second in 9.42 and Mark Cooper third in 9.47. Fourth was Mark Russell in 9.55, James Flahey fifth in 9.59 and Andy Reed Sixth in 10.04. Steve Heggs followed with 10.22, Ryan Ballard 10.33, Mark Morgan 10.45, Jason Feltus 11.01, Ashley Long 11.02, Ian Shaw 11.18, Nev Bray 11.21, Jon Shaw 11.36, Greg Etoe 11.37, Colin Howson 11.48, Jake Shaw 12.22 and Ellie Cooper 12.26. Gareth Pymm was also the quickest Wheeler in the timed first mile with 2.02 from Andy Reed 2.04 with Rob Stephenson one second adrift for third with 2.05. Mark Cooper was fourth in 2.08, Mark Russell fifth in 2.10 and James Flahey sixth in 2.11. Ryan Ballard recorded 2.13, Steve Heggs 2.14, Mark Morgan 2.18, Ian Shaw 2.19, Jason Feltus 2.22, Jon Shaw 2.25, Greg Etoe 2.25, Ashley Long 2.29, Colin Howson 2.30, Nev Bray 2.34, Ellie Cooper 2.38 and Jake Shaw 2.41. First three of the second claim/guest riders in the 4.6 mile event were Pete Nichols in 9.13, Scott Walker in 9.33 and Andy Leach in 11.21. They also came in the same order in the one mile with 2.02, 2.12 and 2.16 timings.

Full Results List

Rob Stephenson has led the Wednesday evening points competition for most of the season but was overtaken in the last event by Gareth Pymm who has now won the actual points competition by one point with 254 from Stephenson who is on 253. Andy Reed finished in third place with 338. Andy Leach finished first male in the second claim/guest riders points competition and Laura Owen first woman.

The Wednesday evening time handicap competition has been won by Steve Heggs who has amassed 236 points with Rob Stephenson second on 229 and Gareth Pymm third with 221. Top female in the points competition was Ellie Cooper and the first under 16 rider was Ellie Armstrong.

Final Wednesday Night League Standings

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