Coalville Wheelers Cycling Club


Important TT Safety Information!

Can all TT riders please note the following:

When coming from the A42 island and turning left at the crossroads at the top of Vinegar Hill please be aware of traffic approaching up the hill from the right. From this Wednesday onwards we will place a marshal directly on the left turn and another at the top of the hill. These marshals will work together to warn the rider of an approaching vehicle. Be prepared to slow down or possibly stop.

For the course which finishes down the lane past Osgathorpe (A10/34), when you cross the finish line near the top of the hill please continue at speed over the top of the hill and only slow down/stop when safe. Please find a safe place to turn for the return back to the HQ. Remember that you have no brake lights so cars which are following you down the lane at 30-40mph are not expecting you to suddenly freewheel and slow down as you cross the finish line which could cause an accident.

We are limited in the courses we have available so we need to ride safely to ensure we have no accidents or complaints from other road uses which could prevent us from racing in the future.

Be fast but be safe.


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