Coalville Wheelers Cycling Club


IMPORTANT! Change to Club Event on 10th July

The club event planned for the 10th July was original going to be an ‘Old School Bikes’ event.

This is NO longer the case – any type of bike is allowed now including full TT bikes.

The reason for the change is that this event is going to be run on the proposed new 10 course to see how it works!

Course Description:
Start is on West Lane, the road between Long Whatton and Diseworth, Leicestershire.
Start by gully 2m before the “give way” line where Westmeadow Lane joins West Lane, grid ref. SK467237.
West along West Lane, over A42, past the southern edge of Diseworth to turn left (1.39miles) into lane ( “SP “Belton”) to climb southwards.
Immediately after passing beneath the A42, turn right with care (2.83 miles) into Gelscoe Lane.
At the A453/A42 roundabout, (3.51 miles) turn left onto Breedon Brand / Top Brand and follow south to the B5234 at Griffydam, where left with care at “give way” line. (5.76 miles).
Continue eastwards past Belton (7.99 miles) to finish at the road sign carrying “T junction” and “horses” symbols before Smithy Lane. (10 miles).
Riders to turn into Smithy Lane after finishing.

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