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Funds Needed to Complete New Clubhouse!!

Dear Member

As you know, we raised £57,500 in sports funding to build our new club house to provide modern facilities for use by current and future generations of members. Our legacy for the future, like those in 1976 when the existing club house was built. Something we can be rightly proud of and use for many years to come.

We always knew that money would be tight, but hoped that with a tail wind, some free materials from local companies and Mark Russell and his team working at cost (with no wages himself), we could somehow make it. The decision was therefore taken to go for it, rather than risk losing the funding we had already secured whilst waiting for other funds to become available.

Whilst we have secured quite a lot of freebies, including stone, tarmac, plant hire, discount roof trusses, we had hoped for more. This, together with some other unexpected expenditure, leave us with a shortfall of approaching £10,000.

We don’t want to leave the club house incomplete and so that’s the background to this appeal to all members to PLEASE help by donating or loaning some money to the club. Do your bit, be an ambassador for the club and please don’t leave it to others.

If you are in a position to part sponsor or help with club costs please let me or a committee member know. If you are a club member and get work from club referrals then it would be nice to show appreciation to the club.

For example:

  • Nigel Evans has made a decision that if anyone in the club refers a person ( in the club or not) for a mortgage/re-mortgage that completes he will donate £30 to the club and not charge the contact for our work/service.
  • Nigel Evans is contemplating organising a sponsored bike ride, instead of End to End it will be ACROSS the country.  He has not done much research since we don’t know who if any would like to take part. If this is something that you might be interested in please get in touch with Nigel directly. There is a map of the potential route below.
  • To increase the benefits of such a ride we could also have a club raffle and sell some tickets
  • There is still the club lottery that Alan Vallance has tried to organise, but to date has had little interest from the members – see original post on this


Coast to Coast Cycle Route

Coast to Coast Cycle Route


 Come on all you members, lets help get the club finished!!

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