Coalville Wheelers Cycling Club


eBay Sale to Raise Club Funds

Dear Members,

Dean Armstrong has kindly offered to sell all items that you wish to donate to the club via eBay.

He proposes that between Monday 16th June and Wednesday 25th June he will accept donated items and have them listed for Saturday 28th June, this way they will finish on Saturday 5th July .


  1. All items must be cleaned before being donated.
  2. Ask your self would you buy it? It’s not a chance to get rid of items you no longer want because I’m closer than the skips!
  3. Will accept any item cycling or otherwise.
  4. He will pay all fees up to £100 this means the clubs receives 100% profit!
  5. Full bikes will be accepted, Dean will use a courier any where in uk for £22.50.


If you have ANY items that fill the criteria then please notify

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