Coalville Wheelers Cycling Club


Club Subscriptions for 2017 Are Now Due!


Now Christmas and New Year are disappearing into history, it’s time to renew your membership for this year.



The club is in a good financial position, so we’re able to keep fees the same as previous years. Great value at less than 50p a week for senior membership. And if you’re a family of four, that’s a mere 17p a week each.

If you’re renewing, unless your details have changed, e.g. address, phone numbers, emergency contact…, there’s now no need to complete a membership form, simply let us have your payment. There’s four ways to pay. We’d prefer 1 or 2 if possible please:-

1) Arrange an annual standing order with your bank. Use your name as the reference, so we can identify you’ve paid!

2) Make a BACS payment. Your name as reference.

3) Cheque to me, (or Wayne Storer – Treasurer) payable to Coalville Wheelers Cycling Club

4) Cash to me or Wayne

The take up of Paypal was poor and so it’s not viable for us to continue with this. And there was a charge to us!


Senior £25.00
Junior & Juvenile (12 to 17) £10.00
Family (same household) £35.00
Second claim £15.00
Day £ 1.00

New or Returning Members

Please complete a membership form, available on the website, and send a scanned copy of this to this email address or send paper form to me or Wayne. Then pay by one of the four ways.

Joining Part Way Through the Year?

New members pay on a pro rata basis (plus full yearly fee from July onwards), e.g. join 1st July, pay 150% of yearly fee.

Previous members are liable for the full yearly fee, regardless of when they rejoin.

Joined in 2016 for 2017 as Well?

Thank you, no action is needed. I’ve got your details.

Life Members

Nothing to pay, but I know most/all make donations equivalent to or in many cases, more than the yearly fee. Thank you.

An e-mail has been sent to all existing members as to how to make a payment by BACS and contact details.

Any questions, please get in touch using the form below.

Wishing you a healthy, happy and successful 2017. Go fast, but be safe.

Kind regards

Al Val

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