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The club has subscribed to the West Midlands Cyclo-Cross league, so our event will be a counting event towards this league. There are 800 riders signed up for the league this season, across all age categories so this could be a very busy event!! On average the WMCCL has something like 350-400 riders turn up on a day. There are 8 races throughout the day and for those who have not experienced Cyclo-Cross before it is a very exciting form of racing, requiring a mixture of speed, stamina and bike handling skills and is run on a compact mixed terrain course of between 1.5 – 2 miles. So unlike a road race you can see the riders for the majority of the course and they typically lap in 6-8 minutes.

For local events you can ride on any bike, you’ll obviously need to have off-road tyres fitted to get some grip but there are no restrictions on the type of bike. MTB’s are more than welcome. It’s only when you go to National events that you need a specialised Cyclo-Cross bike.

You will also find that Cyclo Cross races will take place regardless of the weather; it is cyclo-cross and winter after all! 🙂

The races take account for all age categories from 8 years old upwards. So it is a great way to get kids started in cycling and teach them some great bike skills in a safe environment away from traffic.

After an absence of many years the club has decided to run a Cyclo-Cross once again. For this season we have chosen to go with the traditional date around New Years Day and as this falls on a Sunday this year we have selected the bank holiday Monday for the event – Monday 2nd Jan 2017. The event is being held at Cattows Farm, nr Heather.

If you want more information on how to get involved in Cyclo-Cross please get in touch with .

There are a number of regional leagues and events run in and around our area:


So you can find an event every weekend if you want within easy travelling distance.

Upcoming Cyclo Cross Events

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