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The club’s Cyclo-Cross event is part of the Leicestershire Cyclo-Cross League, so our event will be a counting event towards this league, and for this year it will be the penultimate event in the league.

There are 5 races throughout the day, covering 12 age categories and for those who have not experienced Cyclo-Cross before it is a very exciting form of racing, requiring a mixture of speed, stamina and bike handling skills and is run on a compact mixed terrain course of between 1.5 – 2 miles. So unlike a road race you can see the riders for the majority of the course and they typically lap in 6-8 minutes.

For local events you can ride on any bike, you’ll obviously need to have off-road tyres fitted to get some grip, but there are no restrictions on the type of bike. MTB’s are more than welcome. It’s only when you go to National events that you need a specialised Cyclo-Cross bike.

You will also find that Cyclo-Cross races will take place regardless of the weather; it is Cyclo-Cross and winter after all! 🙂

The races take account for all age categories from 8 years old upwards. So it is a great way to get kids started in cycling and teach them some great bike skills in a safe environment away from traffic.

For this season the race will be being held on Sunday 2nd January 2022, and as before the event is being held at Cattows Farm, nr Heather.

If you want more information on how to get involved in Cyclo-Cross please get in touch with Neil Taylor.

There are a number of regional leagues and events run in and around our area:

So you can find an event every weekend if you want within easy travelling distance.

Upcoming Cyclo-Cross Events

Leics League Cyclo-Cross – Cattows Farm @ Cattows Farm
Jan 2 all-day



Leicestershire Cyclo-Cross League - Kindly Supported by Vanelli and Rotor

Kindly Supported by Vanelli and Rotor

British Cycling East Midlands


Coalville Wheelers Cycling Club and Leicestershire Cyclo-Cross League are once again looking forward to welcoming riders from all areas to Cattows Farm, Heather.

Cattows Farm is a well-known cross circuit that has been used in the past for National Trophy events. The course consists of an excellent mix of fast grassland, short wooded sections, and tarmac.


Cattows Farm, Normanton Road/Heather Lane, Heather, Ibstock, LE67 2TD.

SatNav Postcode: LE67 2TD

Please note the correct entrance to use by referring to the map below.

There is NO charge for parking this year.

Cattows Location

Cattows Location

NOTE: Please DO NOT GO to the Cattows Farm Shop entrance on Swepstone Road. There is no access to the venue or circuit via this entrance.

The field being used for car parking is the same as last year and is generally firm. If this situation changes then you will be directed to an alternative car park 200yds up the road towards Heather.

A tractor will be available if necessary

Please ensure you take ALL litter home with you.
The fields are used for cattle and sheep throughout the year and we don’t want a vet’s bill from the farm because some thoughtless person has left litter behind.


The course will be similar to previous years and the usual mix of fast grassland, interspersed with short sections of woodland and tarmac. Cattows general drains quite well, even after heavy rain but there will be short sections that may cut up.

CX Course 19-20


  • U12’s course diversions shown in magenta.
  • Please take notice of the COURSE CLOSED flags that will be displayed prominently in the start/finish area. When these are displayed the course is CLOSED for practice. There is absolutely NO warming up on the course whilst a race is in progress. This could lead to your disqualification.
  • Elements of the course will be open for practice during the U12’s race – this is the left-hand side of the course from the Finish line to the Start Area shown in the picture above.
  • There will be a designated Bike Wash area at one end of the pits.
  • Access to the pits is via CP2 shown on the map.
  • Dependant on the temperature on the day there are two water points available in the hedge between the car park and the race field, marked on the picture above.
  • Access to Sign-On/Catering/Finish area is via the dashed red line. This involves crossing the course at the end of the start straight via a manned crossing point.



Signing On will be adjacent to the finish and catering. Access to Sign-On/Catering/Finish area is via the dashed red line. This involves crossing the course at the end of the start straight via a manned crossing point.

Please sign on at the appropriate time.

Please try and bring the correct amount in cash if entering on the day.

This helps speed up the sign on process and greatly helps the volunteers signing you on.


Hot and cold refreshments will be on sale provided by The Belgium Fries Company and Café Allez.


There will be porta-loos at the edge of the sign-on field near the water point.


Cycling Club Gazebos / Flags / Tents are very welcome in the start/finish area as shown on the course map.

Note: That due to the ground conditions between the car park and the start/finish area it is not be possible for vehicles to gain access to the club area.

Please ensure you take any litter home with you.



After your race please return your chip and race number if a non-league rider to the Sign On tent.

Please take NOTE of:

The Course Closed flags that will be in operation.

Marshals red and yellow flags. Yellow means continue with care. Red means STOP.


Results will be posted on D3RaceTec’s website, usually that evening:

Many thanks to D3RaceTec for their support.


There will be medals presentation for U9 and U12’s at approximately 11:00am

There will be no other presentations on the day.


Gridding positions will be assigned using LCXL League positions.

Non-league riders should speak directly to the Commissaire team about their gridding position on the day. The Race Director, or Sign On volunteers cannot assist in this matter.



In line with all LCXL Events prizes will be made via BACS transfer. If you are in the prizes, and haven’t already done so this season please send an e-mail to with your bank details.

The prize list will be published on the LCXL Facebook page, usually about a week after the event to give time to resolve any result queries.

Prizes are paid out shortly after every two rounds.


Please note that Cattows is a working farm and as such spectators, riders, and officials should not stray outside the boundary of the course and car park.

In addition; spectators, riders, and officials should NOT use the cattle grid at the very top of the course to access the adjacent copse. The grid is in an unsafe state and will be barriered off.

Any incidents that occur due to a person straying outside these boundaries then the organising club, British Cycling, and Cattows Farm will not be held liable for.

The course is designed so that in certain areas you can see the competitors 3 or 4 times from one spot. Please use the clearly marked crossing points around the start/finish/pit area. Particularly the one to gain access to Sign-On this year and obey the marshal’s there.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should spectators be in the pits/jet wash area. The pits are a working area and access is limited to riders and their helpers. Please do not get offended therefore if you are asked to vacate the pit area by one on the officials.


Any complaints or observations on the day should be made to the Race Director, oR if it is a racing matter directly to the Commissaire Team as the Race Director, marshals, and volunteers will not be able to assist in racing matters.


The use of onboard / helmet cameras by competitors is not allowed unless this has been pre-approved by British Cycling, in writing. (please bring this written confirmation with you to the event)


Thank you to members and friends of CWCC, and LCXL for help prior to and on the day.

Have a cracking days racing and enjoy.

Neil Taylor.

Race Director and LCXL Treasurer

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