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Hi all Coalville Wheelers Strava users!

The Club has a Strava page where you can view a leaderboard of other CWCC Strava members.

To join the club, log into and hover over the Explore tab at the top of your screen, then select Clubs from the drop down menu, enter Coalville Wheelers and click search.


Click on the CWCC club; there are 3 clubs listed, ensure you click on the one with the CWCC logo (left) and most members and request to join.

Once approved a Club Logo will appear on the bottom right hand side of your Strava Dashboard. Just click the logo and you will see how you compare on a weekly basis with other registered members.

This is CWCC members only page (first or second claim) so you will have to be a paid-up member in order to access the page.

Strava Tips – Hide Your Home!

There have been a few cases in the media recently where thieves have targeted cyclists homes to steal their bikes by using information available on social media sites, like Strava, to discover where you live! In Strava there is an option that allows you to obfuscate where you actually live and it’s really easy to apply this setting!

When logged in to Strava go to your Settings page and from there select Privacy. With the Privacy settings there is a section to “Hide your house/office on your activity maps“. Simply enter your postcode and select the radius, e.g. 1/2 mile and then click Create Privacy Zone. See blow:

Strava Privacy Settings

Strava Privacy Settings

This will hide the exact location of your home and show it as a 1 mile circle. Thus making it harder for these unscrupulous people to identify exactly where you live from your Strava page and activities.


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