About Us

The club was formed in 1930 as Reynard Wheelers. In 1939 at the start of the second world war, the membership had reached 63, but due to members enlisting for duty, the membership remained at around 12 for the duration of the conflict. With more enthusiasm than we could imagine, the club flourished and with a name change in 1947 to Coalville Wheelers Cycling Club, the membership rose to 64.

The club continued to grow and in the 1970’s, membership reached the dizzy heights of 150, (surpassed only in recent years) not unrelated to the fact that Peter Clayton, Ray Pears and Clive Bancroft were the three principal members who managed to secure a site at Griffydam for our very own club house. The wooden building purchased, the original telephone exchange at Osgathorpe, was on the route to our racing course and when it was put onto the market, these three great guys had the vision to see it become the bedrock of our club life.

It was also during the 1970’s that the club became famous for its very own club 100 mile time trial with as many as 25 brave souls taking part. The course, which is impossible on the roads today left Griffydam ( our home!) and traced the roads to Derby, Nottingham, Gotham, Rempstone and finally turning outside the Ring of Bells pub…in the middle of the A6. (What fool would attempt that now!) and back up Piper Wood Hill for the last five miles to the clubroom.

Coming up to date, in 2012, we realised that our beloved wooden hut had seen its best days and we set about the task of building a new club house. A project team was formed, led by Alan Vallance, and with much hard work in obtaining funding, planning permission, negotiating with neighbours, material suppliers and the local authority, the fantastic club house we have today was built and opened in August 2014. This would never have been possible without Mark Russell of Mark J Scott Ltd, who built the place at a much reduced cost.

Coalville Wheelers Swifts started in 2015 to coach under 16s in cycling skills and to have fun riding their bikes around the Hicks Lodge circuit, near Ashby. The increasing popularity of this section has helped achieve another club mile stone when in 2018  membership exceeded 200 (over 250 in 2021) for the first time, with more importantly, youngsters forming a significant percentage.

The club has come a long way during its history, this is just a brief snippet of this, but with the popularity of cycling generally and the growing interest in joining Coalville Wheelers CC, there’s no reason why the club shouldn’t continue to flourish into the future.


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