Club rides are returning! Well sort of…..
BC have changed the guidance which now allows groups of 6 to ride as a group so long as mitigations are followed. Information will be emailed out to Club members to describe what will happen.

Each ride needs to be entered directly with the ride co-ordinator to comply with Track and trace requirements, and to let us know how many to expect

If you have confirmed your attendance please let the ride co-ordinator know if you are not going to be able to make the ride.

More groups will be acceptable IF another club member volunteers as a ride leader!
Potential new members are allowed one ride, but are subject to all measures. Plus will need to supply contact details for track and trace.
25th October 2020 – Shane Hall – 09:30 Start
01st November 2020 – Rob Stevephenson – Long Ride – 0830 Start
08th November 2020 – Wayne Storer – 09:30 Start
15th November 2020 – Darren Toon – 09:30 Start
22nd November 2020 – Ian Shaw – 09:30 Start
29th November 2020 – Bruce Johnston – 09:30 Start
06th December 2020 – Rob Stephenson – Long Ride – 08:30 Start
13th December 2020 – Andy Skinner – 09:30 Start
20th December 2020 – Rowan Brown – Christmas Ride – 09:30 Start
Starting again in October could all Club Zwifters please follow me “Shane Hall (CWCC)” I will be posting a virtual club ride on Sundays for those who cant get out or when the weather turns. Start time as per club rides 09:00




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